Sometimes people let us down, simply by not paying attention…

They haven’t noticed the spring in our step has been reduced to a slow, lingering pace.

They haven’t noticed the missing spark in our eye, which is now a restrained tear, desperately longing to break free.

Most importantly, they haven’t noticed we are lost and struggling to find our way.

People will always let you down. They see what they want to see.

I’m so very thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally. He sees my brokenness and offers healing, while understanding my pain.

No matter how lost I feel, he takes my hand and leads me back to where I need to be.

The struggle is real, but so is God.

Thankful for being a lost and found person. Loved with compassion, saved by grace.



You tell me that you love me, yet you mention her by name. You said she was no good for you, and made you feel great shame. You compare us and dissect us, to see which of us to gain. Meanwhile, I suffer silently, reeling in my pain.

She left you feeling unwanted, took your child and then she was gone. And left you sitting mindlessly, wondering what made things go wrong. Another man in the picture? Your son mentions his presence there. It seems she’s moved on, however briefly, forgetting the vows, which you had shared. 

After little time had passed, you pursued my heart to keep. Soon learning forever after, was a price, to you, too steep. 

Her plan, with her new man, somehow has dwindled and gone astray, now seeing you some what happy, makes her long for the good ole days. 

She misses your devotion and the love you gave her, true. Now suddenly, she realizes, she can’t see you with someone new. Of course, now she has you, I was never yours, from the very start. I was just the rebound girl, who rejuvenated your heart. 

Now you’re just a toy being played, in the wicked witches hands. Today she’ll gladly take you back, til she tires of you again. 

And where does this all leave me? My faith in people shattered, with distrust. Picking up the pieces shamelessly, dusting off my battered heart, with great disgust. 

One day true love will find me, my faith will see me through. God’s love will sustain me and make my heart anew. 

Picking up the pieces, 


I’ve been dreaming of you frequently, can’t keep you in the past. Conversations are their favorite theme, they come and go so fast.

Friendship is the underlining, no dreams of untamed lust. My heart is deeply satisfied, in you it feels great trust. 

Your friendship means the world to me, my dreams, they whisper your name. Our bond uniquely crafted, from our sorrow and our pain.

Unsure of your perception, unsure of many things. One thing I can be sure of, I’ll meet you in my dreams. 

Grateful for your friendship, 


I don’t need your money and I don’t need your physical touch. I don’t need your stern demeanor, or your cold, silent hush. I don’t need your unwanted sarcasm, which cuts me to the bone. I don’t need anything, which makes me feel alone. 

I do need unfailing kindness, which wakes my inner soul. I do need heartfelt compassion, that will last til I am old. I do need arms to hold me, when I’m scared and feel unsure. I do need ample patience, when I am yielding towards the door.

For you see, my heart is fragile. This, I thought you knew. To handle it with caution, be gentle, caring too. 


I came across this meme and had to share. There couldn’t be a more truer statement, to describe myself. Much like Thelma, I am completely lost without my glasses and can’t see a thing without them. I also search for depth, in everyone I meet. Which makes this combination of wit and humor, perfect.

I must tell you all, how truly grateful I am to read your blogs. Your depth brings me comfort and my cup runneth over. The atmosphere of the blogging world, has become a place of healing for me and I gain strength, through each of you.

Your intelligence and discernment, make me a better person. So, thank you!

You are all pretty awesome.


Sometimes words, along with confusion, get in the way, of what the heart is trying to say. If I can relay one important message, I care. Not with eyes that see the exterior, but with a soul that seeks, beyond human barriers. 

You are cared for, each and everyday. And you are loved. 


When you’re bored and your children introduce you to snapchat. 

My life isn’t always so serious. My kids enjoy my goofy nature. 

Wow! This filter has made me look 20 years younger. Is there make up that can do this on a daily basis? I’m just sayin. 🙂

When the day is ruff, but you’re still doggone cute! LOL! 

This filter is my favorite. I like this relaxed,  artistic look. It is fabulous! 🖌

Laughter is good for the soul.