Oh the heartache, this sad melody brings. And what I’ll miss the most, are the simple, little things.

One day, the melody, won’t seem so sad. It will be full of memories, of wonderful times once had.

Until the tune changes and my heart, in time, will mend. This sad melody beckons, its sweet, caring friend.

My heart hurts,






I lost a friend today. 

There are too many emotions, this feeble heart breaks. 

Many regrets fill my mind, of one longing for my time. 

A sad soul, searching for love. Now he rests with God above. 

I pray his heart is now at ease, and his gentle soul, rests in peace. 

Heed my advise, have no regrets. Do not look back, at things you’ve missed. 

Life is short, take time to care. One day the friendship, will not be there. 

RIP Dear Friend. You will be missed. 


I came across this meme and had to share. There couldn’t be a more truer statement, to describe myself. Much like Thelma, I am completely lost without my glasses and can’t see a thing without them. I also search for depth, in everyone I meet. Which makes this combination of wit and humor, perfect.

I must tell you all, how truly grateful I am to read your blogs. Your depth brings me comfort and my cup runneth over. The atmosphere of the blogging world, has become a place of healing for me and I gain strength, through each of you.

Your intelligence and discernment, make me a better person. So, thank you!

You are all pretty awesome.


Sometimes words, along with confusion, get in the way, of what the heart is trying to say. If I can relay one important message, I care. Not with eyes that see the exterior, but with a soul that seeks, beyond human barriers. 

You are cared for, each and everyday. And you are loved. 


When you’re bored and your children introduce you to snapchat. 

My life isn’t always so serious. My kids enjoy my goofy nature. 

Wow! This filter has made me look 20 years younger. Is there make up that can do this on a daily basis? I’m just sayin. 🙂

When the day is ruff, but you’re still doggone cute! LOL! 

This filter is my favorite. I like this relaxed,  artistic look. It is fabulous! 🖌

Laughter is good for the soul. 



Signs are all around me. Everywhere I turn. Something jogs my memory and these feelings for you burn.

Sitting at a stop light, walking in the park, remembrance of interactions, from the very start.

Fighting to forget you, It’s hopeless and can’t be done. When fate is in the making, the battle’s already won.


Someone recently asked me, if I feared challenge. Life in itself, is a challenge. We take from our life experiences, then allow them to define and make us. And sometimes, reshape us. 

So my answer to this question, hell no. I do not fear challenge.