There are countless reasons to love September…

Cooler weather fills the air. Leaves tumble gently to the ground. Their colors transposed from the deep greens of summer. Now painted in orange, yellow, red, and brown.

Culinary imaginations, pumpkin spice set ablaze. The replicated fragrance, an intoxicating haze.

Well hello, football. It’s finally here. Anticipation soars. Pass me a beer. Come one, come all. Let the yelping begin. KICK IT…RUN…CATCH IT…WIN! Then next weekend, we’ll do it again.

Let’s not forget the birthdays. We must celebrate. Growing old is a privilege. So bring on the cake!

And lurking around the corner, the holidays set in. Halloween décor, with a little Christmas blend.

September is truly, the southerner’s friend…

Yet, through all the festivities and fun to be had, deep down inside, I’m still quite sad.

September you left me, so many years ago. I stood there sobbing, tears trickling down my nose.

The wicked Cancer, had finally won. I stared down at you, completely numb.

September was the last time, I saw your sweet face. Every year, thereafter,  locked in my mind’s database.

The months speed by. Your birthday in between. Still off in the distance, September can be seen.

September God took you. Now in heaven you wait. Having supper with Jesus, til my soul takes its place.

I love you, dear sister.

I’ll always remember, to keep our love alive, through all the Septembers.



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