Growing up, my life’s dream, was to find the love of my life and to simply be happy. Not once, did I dream of raising three children alone. 

Being a single mother, I have faced much persecution. Not only from the judgemental thoughts of others, but from the feelings of failure, I have given myself. Life didn’t turn out like I dreamt it would be and the reality is, it’s mostly my fault. 

I should have loved and valued myself more. I should have listened to my heart and waited for the one who treasured it most. But, I didn’t. Life happened and somewhere along the way, I lost sight of who I was and who I wanted to be. I transformed myself into what I thought others  wanted me to be. 

Thank God, I am no longer that person. 

Last night, I was feeling a little down. A friend shared a few negative opinions, others had spoken about me. It was the typical, single mother stereo type. I shrugged it off to my friends, but secretly, it really bothered me. Not because I believed their opinions to be true, but because they failed to see the opposite. 

This afternoon, still feeling a little down from the night before, I received this letter. It is from one of my daughter’s teachers. As I read the letter, I couldn’t help but cry. This woman knows nothing about me, but through the actions of my child, she felt the need to thank and praise me, for raising such a respectable daughter. 

Reading those words, makes all of my unseen sacrifices, worth it. 

Single mother, you are enough! Your unnoticed efforts, make a BIG difference in your child’s life. Keep being their biggest fan. Instill into your kids, the integrity and self respect you wish to see in the world. Shape them into a kinder, more compassionate people. Help them to achieve their dreams and goals, by believing in them. 

I know your sacrifices and you are fabulous! 



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