Last night, while tucking my youngest daughter into bed, she began to cry.  Through uncontrollable tears, she told me she never wanted to be without me,  she loves me, and doesn’t want me to ever die. As she spoke those words, I began to cry. I have never felt so loved.

Lying there with her, my sister immediately came to mind. The pain of losing and missing someone, whom I had cared so much about. It is a grim reality that would someday be hers. I could not lie and pretend this fate would never touch her heart. I began to say a silent prayer, asking God to comfort and to guide my words.

I then told her I would always be in her heart and memory. Even when I die, my love for her would always remain and it would always be felt.  I told her I had missed her Aunt Tammy for 27 years and the love we shared, was just as strong today, if not stronger. I promised we would meet again someday, when life here on earth was done.

I also reminded her of Jesus and his promise to us. As long as we believe and trust in him, we will have eternal life with God in heaven. I told her to always hold onto that promise and to never let it go.


After our conversation, she seemed reassured and trusted I would somehow be with her, always.

I cannot tell you how precious that moment was. Holding onto my little girl, hearing her say the sweetest words. A shared memory of an aunt never met, yet comforted by her being. This makes my heart smile.

Life truly is a gift and it’s meant to be shared.

Loving my girls more than life itself,



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