This afternoon on my walk, I looked for my weed, from a few days ago. It wasn’t where I last saw it. Someone had pulled it from the root and just tossed it aside. Apparently they did not see, what I saw in the weed. I then thought, isn’t that just like the disappointment people can bring to one another? Here today, gone tomorrow…

Bummed, I continued walking down the trail. As I turned right, I noticed that someone had put up a white cross. I’m supposing they put it up in remembrance of Good Friday. I thought it was a sweet gesture and continued walking. I walked about half a mile and there stood another cross. Finally, God got my attention.

In my previous post, “The simple beauty of nature”, I compared people to flowers. I said that we were just waiting for the right people to come along. During my walk today, God reminded me that it isn’t people we should look to. We should always look to the cross. It is Jesus who has my best interests at heart. He loved me so much, that he hung on a cross and died for my sins. He fought death, to spend eternity with me and won.

There is no greater friendship than that.

So, why look to people? God will put the right people in our lives, at just the right time. He has chosen the ones he deems fit. He knows our hearts better than anyone and he wants us to be content and believe it or not, happy.

And guess what?! I found another weed that is on the verge of blooming. Sometimes God removes people who shouldn’t be in our lives. The ones who fill a temporary purpose.

This life is much too short. I’d rather have a forever friendship. One that will pass through this life and into eternity. The way God intended…

I can’t tell you the lessons I learn on my walks. God is found in all things. We just have to pay close attention, be quiet and listen. 

Have you remembered the cross today?



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