Being a single mother of three is hard enough, but being a single mother of teenage, twin girls…Lord, help me Jesus! Nothing ever prepares you for these years. Yeah sure, I’ve gotten the warnings from other mothers of teenage girls, but they fell on deaf ears. How could my sweet, innocent girls ever be anything but Angels? There was no way my girls could be anything like they described. Guess what? I was wrong! Who are these strangers inhabiting my girl’s bodies and what did they do with my daughters?

Seriously! What the hell happened? It’s like one day they’re my sweet, loveable girls and the next morning they wake up to be moody, estrogen filled brats. Their age of innocence is gone. Poof! Just like that! No more Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy. Hello cell phones, friends, and a whole lot of attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, they are still good girls and extremely kind hearted. It’s just a different version. It’s kind of like a remix of your favorite song. It’s still your favorite song and you still love it, but the tempo’s slightly tilted from what you’re used to. You like the old version but you learn to love the new, because it’s your song. So yeah, I’m dancing to the beat of a different drum and tripping all over myself.

What makes it worse? They are just like their mother. Shhhh! Don’t tell them I said that, but it’s true. They get their stubbornness from me. Yep, they learned it from the best. They have pieces of both my good and bad sides. Part of me is so very proud for the good shining through, but then I recognize the bad and begin evaluating how I could do things differently.

What’s a mother to do? I’ll take two glasses of wine please, with a side of peace and quiet. Is that too much to ask? Yet, even in the depths of the chaos; oh how I love these hard headed, stubborn, girls of mine.

My love for them is unconditional and my greatest accomplishment. They are the keepers of my heart and that will never change.

Slightly stressed but still blessed, Penelope.





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