Today makes 27 years since you left us. I cannot believe it has been that long ago. It hurts just as much today, as it did on the day we lost you.

In the earlier years, I would dream about you often. In my dreams, I would see you off in the distance. You were at school, on the playground, smiling and laughing with your new friends. You were so beautiful. There were no signs of sickness and you looked so very happy. You did not see me and our paths could not meet, but I knew you were in a place free of pain and I knew you were at peace.

There is a sadness that will never end. Going through life without my better half has not been easy. I see you in the sisterly bond of others and I envy what they have. I wish for my girls to know just how truly special you were. They see your  pictures and hear me talk of you from time to time, but they will never experience the very essence of you. Your gentle nature, so unlike my own.

I just really miss you, sis. More today than yesterday. I love you!


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