I have been working really hard on not swearing, but what I’m about to tell you is clearly a WTF moment. There are no other words to describe it. So, that being said…As I am typing away answering emails here at work and had been for about an hour and forty minutes, my boss went outside to get something from his car. As he walked back inside the building, he asked me why my car was running. Clearly he must be mistaken, so I replied with “no, I didn’t leave my car running”. He goes back out to check. As he walks out, I begin searching my purse for my keys. Guess what? They’re not there! I go running outside and yep, I completely left my car running. Do not ask me why or how I did this. Obviously I had a complete and utter brain fart. There could be no other explanation. Had my boss not gone out to his car, mine would have sat there running until 5:00 this evening, or possibly later.

Thank you God for small favors. He is always looking out for me.

Sincerely confused,



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