What is it with these so called Christians, spewing hate from their lips, but then justifying their actions with Bible scripture? It’s amazing how they can follow a God of love, yet have no comprehension on how to display the very act of love. Their judgmental ways sicken me and infuriate me to no end.

Growing up with strict Christian parents, was no picnic. Adulthood has been no walk in the park either. Our differences have been the topic of many heated arguments. Their lack of compassion blows my mind. If you’ve made mistakes in life and aren’t in church, you’re on a highway to hell. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve evolved and how selfless I’ve become,  the past is rubbed in my face with a vengeance.  Not that I’ve ever been a bad person. I’ve just made some bad choices, all in the pursuit of happiness. Most were idiotic, but I’ve learned from them just the same.

I do not attend church frequently, but I am a compassionate person. I look at the heart of a person. I want to know what makes them tick and why they may act a certain way. Maybe there is more than meets the eye. Money does not impress me, nor does a fancy job title or large house. These things are material and in the grand scheme of things, meaningless.

Why are these so called Christians so quick to judge? Do they not heed the words of Jesus, when he protected the adulteress by saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, watching as they each dropped their stones, leaving, one by one. He then turned and said to the woman, “where are your condemers now”?She replied saying, “they have all gone, my Lord”. Then Jesus replied saying “Go and sin no more”. He did not say, enter the temple and cast judgement on those who have sinned far greater than you, he said, go and sin no more.

Jesus showed compassion, not judgement and because of selfless acts, such as this, people began to follow him. Jesus was God, in human form. His purpose on earth was to show love, paying the ultimate price, by giving his own life and dying a torturous death, for a simple sinner like me. I get the message and I own it.

I’ve really grown to dislike the word Christian. There are too many people who own the title, yet blind to the meaning. I’ve never been much for  titles anyway. I’d rather live an honest and humble life, doing in my heart what is right, being at peace with myself. God knows my heart and provides the rewards. Learning to trust in him and not self, is the key. We are all works in progress, but so very special in the eyes of God, just as we are.

It’s sad, actually, people like this. Imagine what the world could be, if we showed more compassion and empathy. We would be more Christ like and more of an inspiration to others.

If only…



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