How does one describe, the love a mother feels for her child? How can you put into words, the bond created, even before they were born? The first heart beat, bringing them into existence. The ultra sound, confirmation of new life and development. The kicking and squirming, making their presence known, preparing for their grand entrance into this world.

No words can describe the immediate need to protect and nuture, to shield them from all harm. Faith in God is now stronger, because of the tiny miracle which is cradled in my arms. My life has really just begun, with this precious angel becoming the center of my universe. The little hand, wrapping around my finger and the trusting eyes, knowing I am your mama. My heart expands and my soul is satisfied.

How can words describe the unconditional love, which never wavers? The need to protect is much stronger. The pursuit of my child’s happiness is all that matters, instilling into them confidence and the ability to love themselves. How can I explain pride felt over accomplishments and achievements made? Not just academically, but watching them blossom into caring, young people.

Words can never explain the depth of my love, which is felt within this bond between mother and child. It is a cherished gift from above and for this, I will forever be grateful.



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