For those of you who have tyrants as bosses, I share your frustration. They are assholes, just because they can be. If you’re like me, there isn’t much you can do or say, because you need your job to pay the bills. My form of retaliation is waiting until he has turned around and boldy giving him both middle fingers. Immature behavior, yes, but it makes me feel so much better.

Anywho, today my boss was trying to fix a computer issue for a coworker. We have them quite frequently and he was down on the floor, messing with cords and such, trying to resolve the problem. As he was doing this, my coworker was trying to remove a plant, which sits on her desk, wanting to get it out of his way. It is one of those hanging plants, you know, with the plastic hook. Just as she picks up the plant, which is right over bosses head, the plastic hook brakes, landing right on bosses head!!

Needless to say, it was quite humorous. All who saw and heard, erupted into bouts of silent, but hysterical laughter.

God really does have a great sense of humor! Still chuckling…



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