Why is it so important to be right? Is being callous and hurting someone’s feelings worth a sense of pride? Does that make you the better person? Does being more educated give you the right to make those who are not, feel less important? Is the meaning of life to degrade others different from you, to view them less equal?  Why are simple acts of kindness construed into some form of manipulation? What makes a person want to be cruel and more so, why do I have to care?

It truly sucks giving a shit and being a caring person. BUT….I am a good person and I am kind hearted. I think of others more than I think about myself. People say don’t do that, take care of me, myself, and I. Live life for what others can do for you. It’s easier…I say that’s bullshit!!

You were put on earth to make a difference and show compassion. Anything less is a waste of time!

Damn caring heart…



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