My name is Penelope. I welcome you into the heart, soul, and mind of a middle-aged, single mother. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children,  2 being twins. I will be as open as I can, while keeping certain details private, for the safety of my children, as well as my own well being. This is my life, my thoughts, and my emotions. I am here simply to share my own personal experiences and to let others have a voice. I will warn you, I sometimes use profanity and can have a sarcastic sense of humor at times. However, I am very thoughtful and respectfulful. I ask the same in return. Again, this is how I see the world and know it.

First of all, I am a very passionate woman. Like most passion minded people, we are controlled by our emotions. Not only do we feel and think deeply, we have a great desire to express those emotions, whether it be through music, art, dance, etc. I am also an introvert. Introverts interact mostly within their own minds and converse deeply in their thoughts/ideas. We enjoy spending time alone, which allows us to reboot for future interactions. Although we do well in most social situations, we find small talk difficult. We enjoy stimulating and meaningful conversations, which can make it difficult to bond new friendships. At least this has been my own experience.

Going through life being a passionate introvert has been very difficult on many levels. I have considered myself a loner, often times feeling awkward and out of place. I just don’t fit into the “normal” category. I have come to accept this about myself and now realize, this is how God made me.

Throughout the years, I kept a lot of my feelings and emotions bottled up inside, which made me a very unhappy person. I had no real outlet or anyone I thought really understood me, heart, body, and soul. I was emotionally tired and aggravated. Then a few years ago, when social media emerged, I discovered my very own form of expression. Can you guess what it is? Yep, writing!

Writing down my passions, thoughts, and emotions has been freeing. It has allowed me to express what I am thinking or feeling at that exact moment and time. I love it! Thus bringing me to you. If my crazy mix of thoughts and emotions can help you feel better about yourself, then I am all about it.

Future posts will be random. They will be about whatever I am doing, thinking, or feeling. I will cover all sorts of topics. I have so many thoughts entering my mind, I can barely keep up with them. Some will be funny, some will be sad. Some will include my faith and beliefs as I see them, while others may cover my physical goals. Some may even include thoughts on relationships. The wheels are always turning in my head, as you can now see.

Stay tuned…



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